First day

I’ve been here for hardly more than a day, and already it’s somehow starting to feel like home. At least, I no longer jump when I encounter a frog in the bathroom, I’ve almost mastered the most efficient way to take off my rain boots, and I can now successfully navigate between my room and the cafeteria. Sleep and food-always the most important 😉

Speaking of food, I had nearly a dozen conversations on the subject today. I connected with a girl from Israel by comparing the relative level of spice in our typical foods, learned about the food politics of Maharashtra, and talked with an Angolan about the best number of meals to eat per day. But my favorite conversation was when I found out that as a Hispanic, I get to participate in the Latino food parties. Yum!

It’s all been a bizarre mix of the familiar and the exotic, although the line  between the two is already beginning to blur. For example: for breakfast on the airplane, I had rice, dal, chana masala…and a croissant with Smucker’s strawberry jam. (Not a combination I probably would have come up with, but in case you’re wondering, it worked quite well.)

At one point today, I discussed the literal meaning of the Hebrew word for woodpecker while sitting in a tree house. And I just got back to my room from a dance party featuring mostly pop and Bollywood. Many things are different from what I’d expected, but I certainly can’t say I’m disappointed!

Alright, I better get some sleep; tomorrow is when things “officially” start.


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